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What is the blockchain?

A Blockchain is a decentralized data structure that allows participants to transact directly with each other and stores the state and history of participants‘ transactions. This helps to prevent double spending attacks and censorship. Nearly every blockchain places great importance to the aspect of decentralization to make the network even more secure.

Why should I use a blockchain?

Through its cryptographic encryption and the previous mentioned aspect of decentralization, the blockchain delivers the greatest safety conceivable and prevents double spending. This makes third parties mostly unneccessary to validate transactions. Additionally the automation of managing processes leads to further cost reduction.

Why should I implement a blockchain to my businesses?

The previous mentioned characteristics of a blockchain can easily be implemented in your businesses. From tracking a product within a supply chain, using smart contracts or governance features for voting issues. For these specific tasks blockchain has already proven that it is the suitable technology to use and will probably replace old common practices.

Why is a token interesting for businesses?

One can assign three characteristics to a token, a role, a feature and a purpose which can make token to a useful tool. You can use them for paying services and employees, getting access to platforms and markets or the possibility to vote in internal decisions.

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