Team Image - Moritz Stumpf I Co-Founder & CEO/ CTO

Moritz Stumpf

Co-Founder & CEO

Moritz is an experienced IT professional and the founder of BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTIONS and the ICO MANUFAKTUR. He is an innovation expert, tech strategist, network builder and lateral thinker, which makes him an outstanding performer when it is all about translating ideas into new products.

He is passionate about disruptive technologies (Blockchain, IoT, AI, big data, etc), innovation, digital proccesses, transformational change and related implications for business models, the economy and society.

Team Image - Sebastian Thelen I Co-founder & CSO/ CDO

Sebastian Thelen

Co-founder & CSO/ CDO

The entrepreneur has over ten years of experience if it comes to the field of analyzing data for the startup scenes. His biggest strength is the capability of pointing out the most valuable and promising business cases for digital products.

Team Image - Daniel Lammermann I Co-Founder & CMO

Daniel Lammermann

Co-Founder & CMO

Daniel is a notably outstanding marketeer. There is nothing that he cannot sell to a customer. Even though he is one of our younger members, he already made his experiences in the marketing world and serves BLOCKCHAIN SOLTUTIONS as its current Head of Marketing and Distribution. With his wide-ranging experience in various companies he is an outside the box thinker when it comes to uncommon marketing strategies.

Team Image - Jan Kahmen I Head Crypto Technologies

Jan Kahmen


Jan is one of our main pillars when it comes to cryptography and technical implementation. If there is any question regarding technological features such as wallet implementation or the parameter of our smart contract system – you name it, he knows it. He is passionate about disruptive technologies and how they are handling anonymity and private data.

Team Image - Cora Nünning I Marketing Strategy & Corporate Communications

Cora Nünning

Marketing Strategy & Corporate Communications

Cora is our solution for Marketing Strategies and Corporate Communication. She also helps Ina with our blogs and is the second half of our creative duo. She has a good eye when it comes to design questions and flourishes with every new design task that she has to cope with.

Team Image - Ina Scheuermann I Digital Communications & Advertising

Ina Scheuermann

Digital Communications & Advertising

Ina is our Digital Communications Manager for Content & Social Media. She studied Communications & Multimediamanagement at the Hochschule Düsseldorf and is fierce about the Blockchain and Cryptoworld, she just entered through her work with SCU, BLOCKCHAIN SOLTUIONS and the ICO MANUFAKTUR. When you have read one of our Medium blogs, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram posts, you can be pretty sure to have read one of hers.

Team Image - Daniel Markwart I Head of Token Economics & ICO Strategist

Daniel Markwart

Head of Token Economics & ICO Strategist

Daniel combines his passion for token modelling with a solid background in social systems theory, which enables him to emulate human economic interaction in digital ecosystems.He has extensive experience in the quality analysis of ICO’s and the underlying criterion selection, both from an investment and a development perspective.

Along with his teaching and communication skills, Daniel is a valuable asset for BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTIONS & the ICO MANUFAKTUR and our choice for business intelligence and informing our decision making processes.

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